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Turkish Riviera on Ulitzer Today I arrived in Bodrum for a long weekend. Divan Palmira kindly declined my reservation request after my 2007 review of the hotel. They were nice enough to recommend another boutique hotel in the area, so I checked in to Maca Kizi Hotel. My first half day here so far, the view from my room is fantastic. It is too early to write a formal review but if they don't royally screw it up between now and Sunday morning, this hotel has a potential to me my Bodrum summer stop going forward. Today it rained here. I see it rain in Bodrum for the first time since more than a decade of my summer vacations here. I did walk to Divan Palmira to visit my paparazzi photographer friend Gokhan, he was not there. I had lunch at Divan Palmira, the young waiter said they opened the season on May 19 and he thinks today they have five or six rooms full out of 6... (more)

The Caribbean Paradise

Planning and deciding your next vacation destination is really tough especially there are lots of wonderful places to explore globally. If you want to experience the lifestyle and culture of French heritage, then don’t think twice. You will surely fall in love with the tropical beauty and ideal climatic atmosphere of Guadeloupe Island. It is known as a Caribbean paradise with European style and Creole charm. In Guadeloupe, there is an assurance for you not to experience boredom. There are plenty of activities you can engage yourself and your whole family with. The island is full of exciting attractions for sightseeing, photography, hiking and water sports. You will truly love the spectacular natural beaches were all beautiful to behold, it ranges from the long powdery white stretches of Grande-Terre to the darker sands of Basse-Terre. Don’t be surprised because topl... (more)

What Is A Vacation Rental?

A vacation rental is what the travel industry calls renting out a furnished home or apartment on a temporary basis to travelers as an alternative to staying in a hotel or resort.  These rentals are becoming more and more popular throughout Europe and Canada, and the rest of the world is catching up on the craze as well.  But, some cities have found that the high number of vacation rentals are actually hurting the hotel industry, so they have put caps on the number of rentals that can be in a certain area. Don't get vacation rentals and timeshares mixed up though, as there are many differences between them.  A timeshare can still be rented as a vacation rental if the owner wanted to put his “owned” week on the market.  But, a timeshare is normally a furnished home or condominium that is shared by multiple owners, where the owners have different blocks of time during th... (more)

Bodrum Mess and a Mayor Missing in Action

Yacht Charter Blog Dear Salvatore, I thank you very much for taking the time to bring to everyones attention the mess in Bodrum and the lack of action from the Mayor of Bodrum, Mehmet Kocadon. I live in Chicago and have a summer/retirement home in Yalikavak and I have to admit I have been amazed at how much the Mayor of Bodrum is getting away with. He is only available for photo shoots and media blitz but when it comes to hard work the man is a ghost... I am glad that people like you bring this up to the attention of the general public. I only hope that they will react to this type of constructive criticism. The area is absolutely beautiful but needs to be managed better. I commend you for your work. Thank you. Hal ... (more)

Haiti Vacation Rentals

Holiday tours have become part of our lives where people allot some of their times just to have a break and a change of environmental setting. In the Caribbean, there is an island known for its enormous beauty, the Haiti. However, Haiti has a problem with its image due to instability in the past but despite of this thought still many tourists are visiting this exciting island in the world. The government and Haitian are trying their best to restore the reputation of the island into a tourist haven. With the hospitality and friendliness of the Haitian and its vibrant culture in religion, music and food, this attracts many tourists to experience the Haitian lifestyle all over the world. The perfect city to visit in Haiti is the Port-au-Prince. Labadie Island is the major Haiti tourist attraction where you can experience a cruise ship to travel around the scenic island... (more)

From Cat Cay to Ft Lauderdale With Water Tornadoes in the Sky

http://twitter.com/fuatkircaali (July 7, 2009 - 10:37 AM) - This morning after making myself a feta cheese and eggs breakfast, I feed the turkeys in the back yard ... (July 7, 2009 - 10:44 AM)  ... and the chicken family. (July 7, 2009 - 04:06 PM) - Arrive at the landing strip on a most beautiful June afternoon in the Bahamas, and take this picture with my blackberry. (July 7, 2009 - 04:07 PM) - I take another picture as I wait for my customs clearence. (July 7, 2009 - 04:19 PM) - And one more shot in front of the tail of the plane (July 7, 2009 - 04:21 PM) - We are ready to take off (July 7, 2009 - 04:23 PM) - We take off exactly at 4 23 PM (July 7, 2009 - 04:25 PM) - Circle over South Cat Cay (July 7, 2009 - 04:26 PM) - Say good bye to our home, chickens and the turkeys (July 7, 2009 - 04:46 PM) - 20 minutes into our flight we can see the sky over Ft Lauderdale ... ... (more)

The Emerald Isle in the Caribbean Sea

Traveling to different countries is truly wonderful. You have the chance to discover unusual and exciting attractions in a certain destination. Become amaze how nature can touch the heart of each individual. Just give yourself a break from the hassle of work to be with nature. In the Caribbean, many excellent places can be discovered. One of this is Montserrat a dependency of the United Kingdom known as the “Emerald Isle” in the Caribbean Sea because of its Irish heritage and green hills. Become one of the many tourists to explore the exciting and wonderful places found at the island. You can experience an ocean adventure as you travel to Montserrat Island. Traveling to Montserrat is a special experience. It is where you can find many places of interests. Among the things you can do include One Two-Tank Boat Dive, where you can have a morning dive to one of Montserra... (more)

Nicaragua Vacation Rentals

Despite of the ongoing economic crisis the world is currently facing, many people are still looking forward for their escapade.  For sure, you want it to be perfect. First of all, you must find your desired destination of what you want to experience. The earth has many wonderful nature paradises to present. Nicaragua is one of the island paradises lies in the Caribbean Sea. In this island, you can find many varieties of Nicaragua Vacation Rentals available in different attractions area. Explore the exquisiteness of the Nicaragua wilderness at the Rio San Juan where you can stay at Sabalos Lodge for your adventure. Here, you can experience an exotic wildlife where you can bathe in the crystal clear water inside the rainforest. La Maquina welcomes tourists to experience hiking throughout the forest. It has a perfect atmosphere where you can have the pleasure to plunge in ... (more)

Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals

Caribbean Sea is truly surrounded by paradise islands. Among of these islands is Puerto Rico. It is known as the "gatekeeper" of the Caribbean Sea with Spanish culture with an unbelievable rain forest and mountains. For sure, tourists will have plenty alternatives on what kind of adventure they would like to experience at Puerto Rico. Tourists visiting the island are staying at their desired Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals rather than acquiring hotel rooms. It is an excellent choice especially traveling with the whole family and also with large group. This gives them more privacy at a better rate and the right to gain access with the different amenities available within the property giving them the feeling as if they were at home. With the various excitement attractions the islands offer you would not let pass the opportunity to experience it yourself. You would not miss... (more)

How to Find the Right Vacation Property

Let's start by eliminating the "don't wanters," those aspects of a vacation property that you don't want, under any circumstances. First, you do not want to purchase a home where there are laws or restrictions prohibiting short-term or transient rentals. Check the local laws and neighborhood or complex rules. Condominium comolexes are notorious for having exclusive in-house rental management companies which would prohibit you from renting by owner — if your objective is to cash flow on your property, I would stay away from these types of properties. Some municipalities have very strict guidelines as to when you can and cannot rent, some do not allow rentals at all. Properties on government owned land, such as Army Corp of Engineers, or state and nationally protected lands often carry very strict rules also. This is where a licensed local real estate agent would most... (more)

Marco Island Home Sales Increase 30% over 2008 Sales

According the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors (MIAAOR), Home sales last month on Marco Island are up 16% from last month and up 30% from August '08. The average sale price is also up 40% from last year to $786K. Condominiums sales are slowed from last month, down 35%. More dramatically though, the average sale price is down 55% to $308K from last August. The least expensive single family home on Marco Island is $179K and the most expensive is 1572 Shores Ct for $9.9M. The least expensive condo is $69K and the most expensive is the Madeira beachfront penthouse for $7.45M There are 59 single family homes in foreclosure on Marco Island. 8.2% of all homes on the market. Of the 203 homes that have sold on Marco Island so far this year, 50 (24%) have been foreclosures and a further 84 homes are currently pending (Under contract) of which 51 (60%) are foreclosures.... (more)